We provide comprehensive services – we will create a website for you, plan the SEO and SEM campaign, ensure your presence on Social Media, provide high-quality graphics. We work dynamically and professionally!

We will create an integrated marketing strategy for you, using all of the available effective and diverse channels for reaching users.


  • Linki sponsorowane

  • Display

  • Remarketing

  • Zakupy Google

  • Reklama w YouTube

  • Reklama Gmail

  • Banery


  • Pozycjonowanie

  • Odzyskiwanie pozycji

  • Long Tail

  • Audyt SEO

Online Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • E-mail marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media

  • E-PR

  • Consulting

Strony WWW

  • Strony RWD

  • Sklepy internetowe

  • Landing Pages

  • Analityka

  • Audyty

  • Optymalizacje

Why should You choose
360° Competence ?

The service stands out due to its holistic understanding of a brand’s needs – we define your business goals together and then skillfully select the tools that will help you achieve those goals.

We offer comprehensive services, from A to Z. We will prepare your website – graphic design, catchy content, professional photos. We will optimize the site in terms of SEO and get it into the TOP 10. We will further intensify our activities by launching an AdWords campaign.

What distinguishes 360° Competence? Today, when we are bombarded with advertising messages and the audience feels overwhelmed by the message, we face the challenge of finding an effective, often non-standard way to reach the customer.

Over 10 years of experience in the e-marketing industry (we have been present on the market since 2003) and the knowledge of he best tools allow us to propose a comprehensive solution and the proper selection of customer acquisition channels.

By implementing a multi-channel strategy, we achieve a synergy effect. Well-planned activities allow you to gain a competitive advantage and accompany the consumer at every stage of the purchasing decision.

The 360° offer is flexible. From the whole range of services, you choose the ones that will best suit your business purpose. At each stage of cooperation, we provide information and professional advice.

Competence 360° – resources well-invested and well-spent.

What do you get?

  • An integrated marketing plan

    An integrated
    markemarketing plan

  • Effective channels for reaching the customer

    Effective channels for
    reaching the customer

  • Flexible activity modification

    Flexible activity

  • Customer acquisition cost optimization

    Customer acquisition
    cost optimization

  • Effect maximization


  • Business consultant support

    Business consultant

Why choose us?

  • Individual marketing plan
  • Constant effect monitoring
  • Clear reports
  • Activity optimization
  • The care of a dedicated business advisor
  • Campaigns carried out by experienced specialists

Check out what we can offer you in 360° Competence!
Using 360° Competence, you optimize costs and maximize profits.
We know how to achieve your business goal!


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