Compile your own Google Ads package with our Super Flexible offer! Select the type of campaign you are interested in. If you need substantive support, contact us! We will realize your business goals together.

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Fast, accurate, effective. Your search engine ad reaches your potential clients exactly when they're looking for your product or service. Precise targeting, effect and ROI measurability, full control over your campaign budget – this is how AdWords works! Choose immediate effects!

Remarketing in the Search Engine

Remarketing w in the Search Engine (RLSA)

Make it even easier to reach people who've already visited your site and are looking for products or services in your industry. Reach your audience with a tailored advertising message in the search engine. RLSA campaigns mean a lower cost-per-customer and higher CTR! Always be one step ahead of the competition!



Remarketing is a great way to recover abandoned shopping baskets, ultimately convince users to finalize the purchase process, remind clients about your offer, and upsell products. Low CPC, high ROI. Get the most out of your remarketing campaign!

Google Shopping (PLA)

Google Shopping (PLA)

Is your online store's assortment visible in the search engine before the client visits your site? Advertising draws the user's attention with a visible photo of the product and its price. Reach the right users at the right time. Low advertisingcosts. Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you.

Display ADS


Your advertisement – banner, text, animated – on the largest websites? Reach people who are interested in your offer through the Google Advertising Network. Specify your audience by specifying keywords, user interests, or target locations. Target your customers efficiently!

GMail Advertising

Gmail Advertising (GSP)

Reach users with your offer using a popular mailbox. GSP is interactive advertising. Once clicked, the ad expands to the traditional email format – it can contain graphics, video, or embedded forms. This is the most personal form of contact with users. Choose a modern format!

RYouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising

Advertise in the second largest search engine in the world and the biggest video site. Every month YouTube is visited by over a billion people! Reach a precisely defined group of users with your message. Use a clear billing system. We measure, report the effects, and increase ROI!

Graphic Creation – Banners

Graphic Creation – Banners

How can you improve your campaign performance in the advertising network? Choose an individual graphic design project that will allow you to meet your goals. Dedicated graphics mean higher CTR and ROI. We will prepare a professional banner set for your AdWords campaign. Get ready for profits!

Our offer is super-flexible

You decide which services you want to include in your campaign – Display, YouTube, Google Shopping, GSP, or sponsored links only. You get full control over spending. You can count on the help of our certified professionals, who will advise you on the best solution for your business. The final decision is always yours!
Check out the Super-Flexible offer!


229 EUR

Why should you let us
manage your Google Ads campaign?

  • We realize your business goals

    We realize
    your business goals

  • Campaign effect monitoring

    effect monitoring

  • Activity optimization


  • Personalized campaign report

    campaign report

  • We will lower the client acquisition cost

    We will lower
    the client acquisition cost

  • We will increase effective traffic

    We will increase
    effective traffic

All Google Ads campaigns are run by certified Google professionals.

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What if you already have an Google Ads campaign?

Want to increase the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaign? Are dissatisfied with the results so far?
Report to us and get a free Google Ads campaign audit!



  • more inquiries – up to 300% more clients
  • lower client acquisition cost
  • savings – up to 70% less expenses
  • dedicated certified specialist carefully


  • campaign effectiveness evaluation
  • optimization tips
  • a new Google Ads strategy – one that’s in line with your business goals

  • professional business consultant support


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