Our SEO campaigns are comprehensive. Personalized – tailored to your needs. Effective – designed to meet a specific business goal. Optimal – they’re a good investment. Check how it works!

Website positioning

Website positioning

A high position in the search engine means higher profits. By placing your website in the TOP 10, you gain effective traffic and more queries. Positioning influences not only the improvement of sales results, but also creates a good image. With a comprehensive SEO campaign you will expand your client portfolio and become a leader in the industry!

SEO for Startups

SEO for Startups

Are you active on the innovation market? Are you launching a new product? Are you planning to expand into foreign markets? Contact us and take advantage of our experience. We understand your business and your needs. We will develop and implement a manage a complex, goal-oriented SEO campaign. Start growing your business from the beginning!

Positioning online shops

online shops

More than half of Poles shop online. E-commerce is a huge, thriving market, so beat your competition and increase your profits! A high position in the TOP 10 is a guarantee of success. Boost your market share through integrated SEO campaigns. Get effective positioning and start selling!

International SEO

International SEO

Does your company sell on foreign markets? Are you planning to expand your business to other countries? A comprehensive SEO campaign and high search engine positions will give you a strong start and the possibility to be a leader in your industry. You’ve come to the right place – we have helped our clients develop their businesses in many parts of the world, including Kenya, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, and the USA. Check it out!

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Do you want to check if your website is ready for positioning? Are you dissatisfied with the results of your SEO so far? Are you wondering how to increase your efficiency? Contact us! We will take a look at your website and then prepare an extended SEO Audit. We will prepare a detailed report and present you with solutions that we created specifically for your company so you can start selling!

Recovering positions

Recovering positions

Has your website’s position dropped? Do you want to be first again? We will help you regain your position, starting with in-depth analysis, results report, and a proposal for the appropriate corrective action. We know SEO inside out. Are you ready for the best results?


We set business goals

We set business

A properly planned and implemented SEO campaign realizes important and current business goals. This is the first and most important stage of cooperation. Our specialist will discuss the goals of the campaign and agree on them together with you. Money invested should bring a proper profit!
Pinpointing the target audiences

the target audiences

Together, we figure out who your client is. What does he need? What does he like? What irritates him? What websites does he visit? This is an important stage of work – precisely defining your audience allows us to reach it with the right message and define the point of contact with the brand.
Competition analysis


We examine, analyze and monitor what your competition is doing. Only good industry research makes it possible to prepare an effective SEO campaign. Like professional athletes, we get to know our rival before the race – his strengths and weaknesses – all to finally stand on the podium!
Choosing keywords


This is a key moment! By using analytical tools, monitoring the industry, and listening to your clients, we choose a set of effective keywords with the greatest sales potential.
Activity schedule


What, where, when and how? We create an activity schedule. We will tell you what effects you can expect and at what workload, and how long it will realistically take for them to be visible. We act carefully, monitoring the effects and educating our clients that in SEO fast rarely means well.
SEO website optimization

website optimizationy

We conduct website-wide SEO audit and let you know what changes will bring us closer to meeting your business goals. We make corrections in the page code and optimize the content. Once your website has been optimized, we can start the actual positioning process.
Creative link building
Reporting on effects

on effects

You need to know what you're paying for! We keep you constantly up to date on the effects of our work. We monitor not only the positions, but also all the parameters that bring us closer to meeting our business goals. You can see the money you invested at work!


  • Brak długoterminowych umów

    No long-term

  • Wiesz za co płacisz

    You know what you’re
    paying for

  • Opieka doradcy

    Dedicated business
    advisor carefully

  • Działanie nastawione na efekt

    oriented action

  • Merytoryczne wsparcie


  • Przejrzyste działania



rakieta podstrona seo
  • Business goal-oriented SEO
  • Free audit and website optimization
  • Detailed SEO reports
  • Constant action optimization
  • More effective traffic to your website
  • Sales effects


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